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“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” – Donatella Versace


Creative Portfolio


Splendour In The Grass X Smirnoff: The Viral Effect

Myself and a fellow student created a campaign and online video for Splendour In The Grass and Smirnoff with the objective for it to go Viral. The basis of the assignment was to create an event and video that had the potential to go viral online. We chose Splendour in the Grass and Smirnoff to collaborate as they had a similar target audience with aligning values, and Smirnoff already sponsors SITG in reality. We decided on Ambassadors and an influencer for the campaign. We chose Peking Duk for the ambassadors due to their explosive performances, personalities and because they appealed to the demographic of both Smirnoff and SITG at large. We decided to add an influencer into the mix, as they’re considered ‘celebrities’ in our media driven world and a sure way to get online traction and engagement from a younger audience. Cartia Mallan was a perfect fit for this campaign due to her ‘festival’ appearance, free-spirited vibe, large social media following and successful youtube channel. The viral video concept was Peking Duk sitting down with Cartia Mallan in the DOUBLE BLACK ROOM backstage at SITG. Cartia was set to interview the boys and do their festival makeup, while all three of them sip on Smirnoff Double Blacks. The video was set to stream live on Smirnoff’s FB page where the audience was able ask Peking Duk questions and they could answer them during the livestream. Developing this campaign for Social Media Strategy ignited my interest for the PR side of marketing and made me realise the attention to detail and creativity that goes into an idea, not just the execution of it. 



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Range Rover Velar: Interactive Promotion

I created an interactive web promotion for my Range Rover Velar campaign, in the form of a series of banner ads. The ads were designed to appear on Facebook and at the top of other online platforms. The promotion demonstrates the concept that a Range Rover driver sees the beauty in the details of even the simplest of things. The Ad is seen from the POV of the Velar driver as the concept is focused around imagery and a visual concept. The web becomes interactive when the mouse hovers over the banner and enables the images to change. The idea was to show an ordinary shot (ie the tree in the rain), and then reveal the intrinsic detail the drive is able to see (ie the water droplets balling on the leaves in the closeup). The Velar is shown at the end to tie in product demonstration. I chose to create a simple interaction that was suitable for the target audience. I didn’t believe someone who drove a Range Rover would be enticed by winning a prize or playing a game, so played on visual aids to increase customer engagement.



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Mixed Media Campaign: Vintage Clothing Exchange

I created a mixed media campaign in response to the environmental issue of ‘Fast Fashion’. My concept was to host a vintage clothing exchange events for people to attend and donate, swap and buy second hand clothes to encourage people to jump off the ‘trend-mill’. I thought it was important to target an audience that were most likely to spend a lot of money on clothes, but who would also be prone to buying excessive amounts in order to stay on trend. The campaign was made up of two parts- the event itself, and a series of print, digital and out of home advertisements to promote the event and the social issue at large. As this campaign was created during my first semester of Macleay and I was yet to complete the Digital Design unit, I was given the opportunity to use Canva to create my advertisements. Initially, I felt disadvantaged and assumed I would receive a below average mark. However, Canva provided me with everything I needed in order to create a visually appealing campaign (everything from the colour palette, font options and templates). I received a HD for my work, the award for ‘Best Mixed Media Campaign 2017’, and also resulted in the course being altered to allow students to use Canva when curating their work. This campaign is something I’m extremely proud of, and taught me that just because you don’t have exceptional skills in Photoshop or InDesign, does not reflect your creativity or ability to produce great work.




Range Rover Velar: TVC Storyboard

I created a storyboard for a short TVC in addition to my Range Rover Velar campaign. The storyboard is based on the ‘story-telling’ concept of the campaign, which reflected the Range Rover’s USP. The story was inspired by the Range Rover Velar’s stylistic strengths and the specific female market I was targeting. I decided to play on feminine elegance and creativity as the link between classic fashion and beauty and the finesse that the Velar exudes is the perfect association. The choice to emphasise on perfume and fabric were to hone in on the target market. I felt as though even written, the sound of ‘fabric dancing in the wind’ gave a vivid picture of what the shot would look like, and a visually appealing TVC is what I was aiming for. The sculpture also represents the Velar’s artistic and stylish execution, as innovation and creativity were the main focus of the TVC. Creating this storyboard gave me insight into the different film elements that go into creating this type of content, and the importance of attention to detail when executing a commercial so it doesn’t look jarred or disconnected when it’s turned into an animatic piece.



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Designbx PR Campaign:

I created a PR campaign for an online Interior Design company, ‘Designbx’. Designbx handed over their business goals, opportunity and challenges and I basically had to put forward a solution and options to meet each objective in the form of a PR campaign. I worked on the campaign over a span of 12 weeks and covered everything from the companies publics, to a series of in depth strategies to a timeline and complete budget.I’m extremely proud of this campaign and how cohesive each element is. My campaign is now being used as the example in this trimesters ‘Introduction to PR’ unit, so it’s really rewarding and satisfying knowing I excel in PR as well as enjoy it.



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Internship Blogs:

During my Internship for Studio Matrix, my role was to write articles for their platforms ‘Aussie Gossip’ & ‘Beauty News’, 3 days a week for 3 months. During this time my WordPress skills improved out of sight and my love for blogging resurfaced. My articles appear on the websites linked here. The articles were required to be current, engaging and had to adhere to the brands tone of voice. Due to my interests, I felt no restrictions whilst writing and felt engaged constantly as I was writing content about things that I was genuinely interested in. My writing has become a lot more relaxed and I feel comfortable in my ability to produce engaging pieces with complimentary visual aids. Working with WordPress everyday has introduced me to things like coding, embedding certain content, photoshop and boosting posts. I’ve added screenshots of my favourite articles that I’ve written and links to the websites.

Aussie Gossip & Beauty News Instagram Feeds:

As well as running the websites, I also contributed to their social media ‘revamp’ on Instagram. The goal was to Ost regularly and in tune with every article that was published. The aim was to create images, branded content and illustrations to upload in unison with the articles. I got the opportunity to source my own photos and give creative direction on how they should be portrayed on the grid. I worked on giving both Instagrams a certain colour scheme to follow so everything looked cohesive and visually appealing. I had the chance to work with photoshop to create branded content, and manipulate images to suit the colour scheme and brands tone of voice. I’ve inserted screenshots of the Instagram pages and hyperlinks so you can go and check them out in full.



‘Love is Love’ Movie Poster:

Admittedly, Digital Design is not my strong point. I love to write, create campaigns and solutions for business problems. I believe that creativity comes in many different forms, and some things just aren’t for certain creatives. When I started the Digital Design unit, I knew I was in a bit of trouble. Someone who has more of a Canva mind like me, didn’t really grasp the concepts of Photoshop and InDesign all that easily. However, I pushed through to tick the boxes because I knew it was what I needed to do. The first assignment was to create a movie poster for a new film, incorporating imagery, text and deep etching. Although my poster for ‘Love Is Love’, isn’t the most cohesive looking piece of work, it complied with the requirements and actually has quite good deep etching. I photographed the main image in Broadway out the front of the Landsdowne Hotel when the same-sex marriage vote was still yet to be announced. I deep etched a photo of myself and my best friend into the image to represent a same-sex relationship to match the strong message of the movie title. I forgot I had to incorporate another element of deep etching, but luckily I had a photo of a Donut Time Box in the archives to save the day.

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I’m a current Media and Advertising student with multi-layered interests of art, fashion and lifestyle— all expressed through my love for writing. I’m inspired through Instagram pages, books and podcasts—platforms that have all drawn me to the Media industry. I’m currently Interning for Studio Matrix Media as their Digital Journalist and it’s literally how I envisaged my career beginning. I’m able to blog about what I like, whether that’s trends in the fashion industry, new beauty products, hot gossip on the Kardashians or something groundbreaking in the Business world. I feel like I’m able to let me creative guards down and really explore what I want to do and find out what I’m really good at (which has turned out to be blogging!!) I’m more than excited to smash out my final year and am keen to see where it takes me.

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